Sun Valley Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment

Sun Valley is one of America's top small towns for art. Explore over a dozen galleries, enjoy a Summer Symphony concert at the Pavillion, visit the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, watch the Sun Valley Ballet, catch a show at one the areas live theater companies, or sign up for the lauded Writer's Conference or the renowned Sun Valley Film Festival. No matter what interests you, the robust arts & entertainment offerings available in the Ketchum/Sun Valley area are sure to keep you busy.

Dining & Nightlife
Sun Valley and Ketchum offer more than 50 restaurants and nightlife locales, perfect for the grab-and-go adventure seeker and the fine diner.
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Arts & Culture
With more than a dozen galleries, two live theater companies, the lauded Writers' Conference, the Sun Valley Film Festival, free Summer Symphony concerts, and one of the West’s premier nonprofit arts organizations, the Sun Valley Center for the Arts, it’s no wonder Sun Valley has been named one of America’s top small towns for art. Learn more here »

Dancing, Yoga and Wellness
From healing hot springs to day spas and health food stores, Sun Valley is a place that nourishes cleaner living. With an abundance of wellness-oriented events, fitness clubs, spas, and health-conscious food resources, an overwhelming sense of higher well-being can be felt by locals and visitors alike. Check it out »

Sawtooth Botanical Gardens
Visit the Gardens to see living exhibits of plants that thrive in the Sun Valley area and learn about the five biomes of south central Idaho. Or sign up for a class on vegetable gardening, care of orchids, native edibles, and medical plants, as well as programs and activities for kids. Learn more here »